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Re: E: Unimplemented function between time and choose language

* Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> [2007-09-06 13:48]:
> >> Isn't it related to rdate? Maybe disabling it might help to check if
> >> it's related or not.

I started with clock-setup/ntp=false today but it doesn't make any
difference.  I still see the 4 messages saying "E: Unimplemented
function" - not sure when they come from.

Now, when base install is done, I get a menu saying:

|  Choose the next step in the install menu
|    OK
|    Change debconf priority
|    Save debug logs

When I go to the menu, it looks really odd and has some entries with
only say "lenny".

I put some screenshots online at
x2.png and x3.png show what I just described.

Once, I had a really garbled menu too - see x.png

Any idea?  Note that I'm building my images with mklibs-copy rather
than mklibs because the latter is currently broken on mipsel, but I
don't see how this would make a difference.
Martin Michlmayr

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