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Bug#443831: apt-setup: Does not select mirror with netinst CD

Joey Hess wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > Note that with my old, apt-setup would only default to using a mirror
> > and thus time out. Your patch was intended to avoid that time out
> > (which is fine), but at the cost of breaking the normal case. IMO
> > timing out in situations that occur only rarely is even somewhat
> > acceptable.
> It wasn't only a timeout, it kept looping back and asking for a mirror
> over and over, since each time one was entered it failed to work due to
> there being no network. See #442891.

OK, I did not have that BR clearly in mind.
However your analysis of the situation is still wrong and both your uploads 
have been useless if your intention was to solve that loop.
In fact, by removing the "do not configure" check, you have only ensured 
that _more_ users will end up in that loop.

The loop is not in apt-setup, but in choose-mirror.

I have just committed a change that:
- reinstates the "do not configure" check because, even if it is not a
  perfect detection of a "no network" situation, it will at least do the
  right thing in an identifiable use case and will not lead to problems
  in _any_ other scenario (including netcfg-static)
- allows users to continue without a mirror if choose-mirror exits non-zero

I have considered several solutions for the loop, but feel that this is the 
best option, even if it adds an extra dialog (which very few users will 
ever see).

Rationale is as follows:
- for netboot and businesscard installs choose-mirror will already have
  been run in a much earlier stage, so is not relevant
- for full CD installs users will be asked if they want to use a mirror
  (at high prio) _before_ choose-mirror is called
- for netinsts, we really want users to use a mirror by default, so the
  "use_mirror" question should preferably _not_ be asked before calling
  choose-mirror; it's only asked at medium/low priority
- if a user does not have a network with a netinst install, he is basically
  doing something that is not intended, so going into choose-mirror
  without asking if he wants to use a mirror beforehand is acceptable
- however, if there is no network or the network setup is bad, the user
  should have the option of either backing out and correcting his mirror
  setup or continuing without a mirror; the new question allows both and
  even allows the user to run choose-mirror again if he backed out of
  choose-mirror by accident

I have considered solutions that did not add a dialog, but in the end this 
seemed the cleanest solution.


P.S. This change _has_ been tested.

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