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Bug#443991: installation-reports

Package: installation-reports

Boot method: CD
Image version:
Date: 25.09.2007

Machine: Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2
Processor: Celeron 2800
Memory: 2x 1GB DDR2

Serial ATA RAID sil_ahajdgddagae (mirror) - 320.1 GB Linux Device
#1 Primary 216.1 GB B ext3
#2 Primary 4.0 GB     swap
   Pri/log 100.0 GB   Free Space
Serial ATA RAID sil_ahajdgddagae1 (partition #1) - 216.1 GB Linux Device
#1 216.1 GB  F ext3  /
Serial ATA RAID sil_ahajdgddagae2 (partition #2) - 4.0 GB Linux Device
#1 4.0 GB  F swap  swap

Output of lspci -nn and lspci -vnn:

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot:           [O]
Detect network card:    [O]
Configure network:      [O]
Detect CD:              [O]
Load installer modules: [O]
Detect hard drives:     [O]
Partition hard drives:  [O]
Install base system:    [E]
Clock/timezone setup:   [ ]
User/password setup:    [ ]
Install tasks:          [ ]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Overall install:        [ ]


Trying to install debian testing with dmraid=true. Formatting went OK.
Partitioning went right, but when installing base system there is an error
in 'Creating device files'.

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