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Bug#443962: partman does not recognize existing partitions

package: partman
severity: important

I am just trying to install debian to existing partitions of the
harddisk of my laptop.

However, the "manual" partitioning method only shows the whole
Harddisk, and wants to create a new partition-table for the whole
This is true with the netinst-, as well as with the
businesscard-CD-image, and it is also true when I use the expert boot

Do you have an idea about a possible reason?

Once more: When I enter into "manual" partition mode, I see one line
corresponding to my harddrive only. This line shows the harddrive
itself. It should display a list of partitions below this line, right?

The laptop is from Gericom, the harddrive is a toshiba (40G).

In another thread, I learned about a file that may be useful:
How do I acess this file?

Thanks alot for your help!

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