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Re: Bug#442856: [PATCH] tzsetup-udeb: tzsetup in installer has no UTC option

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> tags 442856 + patch
> tags 442856 - confirmed
> thanks
> I was getting a bit tired of reading the silly discussion about this in the 

When I see the size of the resulting patch, the needed review/comments
and put it in perspective of the limited resources we currently have,
I have this discussion anything but silly.

An idea being a "good" idea does not necessarily mean that
implementing it is a good idea.

Anyway, comments on the patch, mostly on wording:

+_Description: Select your time zone or UTC:

I personnally dislike "Select <foo>..." templates when the template is
about...selecting something.

I also don't feel the need to add "or UTC", particularly if "Select"
is kept (but even when removing it, this sounds a little bit weird to me...)

So I'd go for "Time zone:" alone.

Some templates use:
+_Description: Select a location in your time zone or UTC:

Others use:
+_Description: Select a city in your time zone or UTC:

For Australia this is incorrect as "Lord Howe" is not a city but an

So, coupled with my dislike of "Select" and my dislike of "your",  I'd
recommend to go for "Time zone:" as well. :-)

Apart from that, the patch is fine by me.

Anothe suggestion, while we're at it: split "_Choices" into
"__Choices" to avoid the recurrent problem of incorrect number of

That could be done manually after applying the patch, though (to the
expense of some time, but great benefit for translators).


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