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Bug#442856: [PATCH] tzsetup-udeb: tzsetup in installer has no UTC option

tags 442856 + patch
tags 442856 - confirmed

I was getting a bit tired of reading the silly discussion about this in the 
list archives, so here is a patch. The patch has been tested and works.

The patch basically adds UTC as an option to the existing lists and replaces 
the existing "dummy" informational dialog displayed at medium/low priority 
for "single TZ countries" with a select dialog.

Note that it only adds support for selecting UTC and not a random other 
timezone. Wanting to select a timezone for a different country then you 
selected in localechooser really is silly and I have no problem with 
requiring people who want that to change the TZ post-installation.
It also would be quite expensive to implement as it would require additional 
templates for region and timezone selection.

So for US this will look like:
   Select your time zone or UTC:
     Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

And for a "single TZ country" (e.g. NL) it will look like:
   Select your time zone or UTC:
     Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

The patch as a fairly high impact on translations, though most needed 
conversion has been done, so only limited/easy fuzzies.

I've converted the templates to use Choices-C. This was needed to avoid 
having the same string for UTC everywhere (I use a variable instead). It 
also makes translation of timezones easier as translators now just get the 
English description instead of the technical timezone.

Some important comments:
- I've only done the conversion in the tzsetup PO files, not in the master
  PO files. The modified versions will need to be merged into the master
  files when the change is committed!
- Most of the conversion has been done with sed commands and a small script
  and some manual corrections. I've done some checks and it looks good, but
  there is a chance that there are some errors. A careful check would be
- Automatic addition of "UTC" failed for some some languages, so those will
  be fuzzy at next sync unless someone else takes care of it:
  bn dz gu hi ja ko ml ne pa ta th
- debconf-updatepo has not been run; the times I tried it, the translator
  comments from common.templates got lost somehow.
- Lintian will spew endless errors about "partially translated question"
  because of the added variable. Not sure if that can be avoided.
  (Fixing Lintian to ignore items that contain only a variable seems the
  best option).
- The whole change is quite big, so careful review much appreciated.

I'll leave it to others to commit this.
DON'T LEAVE IT TOO LONG as otherwise PO changes may not apply cleanly 
anymore due to translation updates!

Patch in two parts for easier review:
- real code/template changes
- changes in generated file debian/common.templates and PO files
Also attached the commands/script I used for PO conversion.


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