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Re: Results of the poll about "Counting current D-I contributors"

Il giorno dom, 16/09/2007 alle 09.49 +0200, Christian Perrier ha
> Some opened questions that come to my mind:
> - any objection to /me removing ppl who explicitely requested
>   to be removed?

Remove them, they asked.

> - what to do with the 60 people who didn't answer at all?

Send the poll email once more they could had problems with email, forgot
to answer or the like.

> - what to do with the 6 people whose mail to their Alioth registered
>   mail address is bouncing?

I think they just forgot to ask to be removed ;-)

> - should I reveal who checked "wants to be RM" ? :-)

No, ask she/he to reveal her/himself.


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Le tre grandi virtù di un programmatore: pigrizia, impazienza e
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