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Results of the poll about "Counting current D-I contributors"

On August 4th, as decided during July's D-I team meeting, I launched a
small poll among the currently registered members of the d-i team, ie
people with commit access to the SVN.

People had until September 15th to answer (I sent a reminder to people
who didn't answer, as of Sept. 1st).

Here are this poll's results:

Number of project members: 160
Answers                  : 100 (62.5%)
Bounces                  :   6 (3.75%)

Analysys of answers (as there are 100 answers, the number of answers
is also the percentage..:-)):

1) Your involvment in Debian Installer is:
   (only check one choice)
Currently active developer                          : 27
Currently active translator                         : 53
No longer active developer                          : 13
No longer active translator                         :  6
Future developer                                    :  1
Future translator                                   :  1
Hey, what I am doing here?                          :  3

2) Your plans to contribute to D-I up to the release of Debian
   (only check one choice)                          
Intends to contribute/maintain code                 : 34
Intends to contribute/maintain translations         : 57
Will not contribute                                 :  9

3) Your own definition of your involvment in D-I
   (can check more than one choice)                 
Skilled D-I developer. Good internals knowledge     : 20
Occasional D-I developer. Loose internals knowledge : 35
Translator                                          : 60
Lurker                                              :  9
Still wonders why listed in that team               :  1

4) Your wish about your D-I team membership         
Wants to remain a D-I team member                   : 89
Wants to be removed from the D-I team               : 11
Wants to be the D-I release manager                 :  1

Some opened questions that come to my mind:

- any objection to /me removing ppl who explicitely requested
  to be removed?

- what to do with the 60 people who didn't answer at all?

- what to do with the 6 people whose mail to their Alioth registered
  mail address is bouncing?

- should I reveal who checked "wants to be RM" ? :-)

The details of the poll results will be, as initially announced in the
poll mail, sent privately to Joey Hess, Otavio Salvador and Jeremy
Bobbio. They essentially contain who answered what and many comments
which I consider as sent to the D-I "management" team and therefore
not to be undisclosed.

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