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Re: Bug#440720: [SPARC]: non-SMP kernel fail on SunFIres with >= 2 CPUs

Richard Mortimer wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 22:30 +0200, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
>> Well, I've tried to boot a non-SMP kernel (2.6.23-rc5) a few minutes ago
>> (... and I had to power-cycle it, it is running selftests now....), and
>> the machine froze after
>> Remapping the kernel... done.
>> OF stdout device is: /pci@9,700000/ebus@1/serial@1,400000:a
>> Booting Linux...
> Try adding   -p   to the silo commandline. That will direct all early
> log output direct to the console and you should see the kernel panic
> that is undoubtedly happening before the kernel is fully initialised.

Here is the interesting part:

checking if image is initramfs... it is
Freeing initrd memory: 6214k freed
Mini RTC Driver
/memory-controller@0,400000: US3 memory controller at 0000040000400000 [ACTIVE]
/memory-controller@1,400000: US3 memory controller at 0000040000c00000 [ACTIVE]
/memory-controller@2,400000: US3 memory controller at 0000040001400000 [ACTIVE]
ERROR(0): Cheetah error trap taken afsr[0000100000000000] afar[0000040001c00000] TL1(0)
ERROR(0): TPC[4377f4] TNPC[4377f8] O7[4379d0] TSTATE[80001606]
ERROR(0): TPC<interpret_one_decode_reg+0x0/0xfc>
ERROR(0): M_SYND(0),  E_SYND(0)
ERROR(0): Highest priority error (0000100000000000) "Unmapped error from system bus"
ERROR(0): D-cache idx[0] tag[0000000000000000] utag[0000000000000000] stag[0000000000000000]
ERROR(0): D-cache data0[0000000000000000] data1[0000000000000000] data2[0000000000000000] data3[0000000000000000]
ERROR(0): I-cache idx[0] tag[0000000000000000] utag[0000000000000000] stag[0000000000000000] u[0000000000000000] l[0000000000000000]
ERROR(0): I-cache INSN0[0000000000000000] INSN1[0000000000000000] INSN2[0000000000000000] INSN3[0000000000000000]
ERROR(0): I-cache INSN4[0000000000000000] INSN5[0000000000000000] INSN6[0000000000000000] INSN7[0000000000000000]
ERROR(0): E-cache idx[0] tag[0000000000000000]
ERROR(0): E-cache data0[0000000000000000] data1[0000000000000000] data2[0000000000000000] data3[0000000000000000]
Kernel panic - not syncing: Irrecoverable deferred error trap.

If you want the full output, please let me know. THere was nothing unusual so far, though.


Bernd Zeimetz
<bernd@bzed.de>                         <http://bzed.de/>

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