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Bug#440720: [SPARC]: non-SMP kernel fail on SunFIres with >= 2 CPUs

reassign 440720 linux-2.6
found 440720 2.6.21-6

> On the SunFirev880 all SMP kernels >= 2.6.21 booted, with the only
> problem that the qla2xxx module of 2.6.21 had hickups with the FC
> controller in the machine, but I guess the kernel would have worked
> otherwise. The installer from lenny which ships with a non-SMP kernel
> crashed baly as you can see in the bug report above.

Hi kernel team,

Looks like we need to discuss the available options for this
problem. Other issue is to know if current snapshots of 2.6.23 does
work or not on this hardware.

Bernd, can you test lastest 2.6.23 snapshot and see if it works? Check
at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianKernel for more information where to
find them.

I've reassigned it back to linux-2.6 since adding another kernel at
installer would be a workaround and not a proper fix for it. Does
anyone has comment about this all?

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