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Bug#441446: Not just low memory, affects another floppy installation

Same box, same aims to produce a box for tests.

   I have added more RAM so that the installation does not continue in "low
memory mode", and on the first attempt just re-used the partition structures
for hdb and hdc, with hda not touched. I was again notified that no swap
partitions had been activated.
   I then re-started the entire installation and deliberately deleted all
partitions on hdb and hdc and created new partitions with different
dimensions so that there could not be any carry-over from before, hda still

   I noticed that the swap partition already created by the
auto-installation on hda is labelled with a capital F, but the manual
installation on hdb and hdc has both swap partitions labelled lower-case f.
   I then configured software RAID, and noticed that all swap partitions
were now labelled capital F.
   Is this the problem?

   I continued with the installation, accepted the Desktop environment and
Standard system, and again reached "[!!] Configuring uswsusp" and informed
that there is no valid active swap partition.
   I selected "go back", there was a long delay, then installation and
configuration appeared to continue until a failure message appeared.

Microsoft sells you Windows ... Linux gives you the whole house.

Chris Bell

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