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Bug#440161: wrong /etc/fstab when installing on RAID using Adaptec 2100S

Hi Jeremy,

the following modules are loaded during boot and also show up in lsmod:

This is always needed to access your I2O hardware. It is the main module, which provides low level access to the I2O hardware. [I2O FAQ]

This is the disk driver, which let you access your RAID array, or if you don't have a RAID array configured to the single disks. You only have access to the disks through this driver! [I2O FAQ]

So, i2o_scsi is not loaded and my data is still ok ;)

I cant mount /dev/sda anymore after i2o_core and i2o_block are loaded. Error message ist somehting like "no such device" (sorry, that machine is not actually running, its my "experimental server" - i have to remember me, what the messages were).

As said here [1]: "After the i2o_block module is loaded, you could access the drive through /dev/i2o/hda for the first disk (/dev/i2o/hda/disk if using devfs), /dev/i2o/hdb for the second disk (/dev/i2o/hdb/disk if using devfs), and so on."

So: the d-i recognizes my RAID-Array as /dev/sda. After Reboot, i2o_core and i2o_block are loaded, and from that moment /dev/sda is known as /dev/i2o/hda.

Sorry, but i cant send any dmesg at this time. Do you need them?



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