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Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "DebianInstaller/GitMigration" by OtavioSalvador

> I don't see any difficulties in l10n-sync, gen_stats is a little bit
> more difficult as it uses more cryptic commands and has less comments
> but I think that with some help from you I can sort out all the magic! 

Well, some parts were written by seppy and, even though I had to adapt
them when I moved the stats from seppy's home on gluck to Alioth,
there is still some parts that need more comment...

> How much time do you spend in log analysis? How frequent do problems
> occur? How much time do you have to train the your backup?

I spend a few minutes only reading the scripts output.

Problems arise here and there, particularly when a master PO file is

Everything is in ~bubulle/d-i on Alioth.

My crontab is saved as ~bubulle/d-i/crontab so that everybody can look
at it.

The only change we could need to do is adding MAILTO=sc-guest,bubulle
to the crontab so that you receive the output of cron commands.

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