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Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "DebianInstaller/GitMigration" by OtavioSalvador

Il giorno dom, 02/09/2007 alle 09.07 +0200, Christian Perrier ha
> PS: we really should use this occasion to recruit a backup l10n
> coordinator as seppy is now really confirmed as MIA. I would need
> someone who understands the l10n-sync and gen-stats scripts and
> receives their output so that (s)he can correct problems when they occur.

I don't see any difficulties in l10n-sync, gen_stats is a little bit
more difficult as it uses more cryptic commands and has less comments
but I think that with some help from you I can sort out all the magic! 
How much time do you spend in log analysis? How frequent do problems
occur? How much time do you have to train the your backup?


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