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Minutes from d-i meeting on August, 29th


Here are the minutes from the Debian Installer team meeting help on IRC
two days ago.  A copy of these minutes is available online [1], as well
as the full IRC log [2].

[1] http://people.debian.org/~lunar/d-i/irc-meeting-20070829/minutes
[2] http://people.debian.org/~lunar/d-i/irc-meeting-20070829/log

Please note that next meeting has been scheduled for the 26th of

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Debian Installer team meeting number 14 has been held from 20:00 UTC to
21:40 UTC on Wednesday August 29th 2007 on #debian-boot@irc.debian.org.

11 people spoke at least once during the meeting.

The full log of the meeting is available at

d-i beta1 release

We are more or less in good shape but we still have some serious blockers.

 * Issue with libdebian-installer (see #434040 and the corresponding thread
   on debian-{glibc,kernel} [1])
   -> waldi will fix the issue in the next kernel upload
 * sparc is broken - bug in kernel since .18 exposed by the libc in sid. 
   see #433187
   -> someone needs to mail sparc buildd maintainers XXXX
 * bubulle does not consider CJK regressions in the newt frontend (#425835) 
   as a blocker for beta1.
 * kernel issues
   -> There is an abi bump pending. We wait kernel team to do the upload for
      the ABI bump and if there's not serious blocker we move to 2.6.22 ASAP.
      Otavio will be coordinating the move.

   Course of actions abouth the kernel that will happen before the release:
     1. kernel team uploads a new kernel
     2. massbuild and upload of d-i kernel udebs 
     3. everything moves to testing at the same time

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-glibc/2007/08/msg00140.html

backporting fixes for next Etch point release

There was quite a lot of useful fixes done on cdebconf during the past months.
Some of these fixes removed huge memory leaks, and should probably be
backported for the next Etch point release.  It is due in 4-6 weeks, so this
sounds like a realistic timeframe.

 * A deadlock issue was fixed in _debconf_ and needs to be backported.
   See fjp's reminder for RMs [2] for a summary (and other things left to be
   done wrt. stable and oldstable releases)
 * Memory issues in cdebconf as well.
 * Lunar will be coordinating the effort: first step will be to make
   an inventory of what could be backported, then see with zobel what is

[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2007/08/msg00218.html 

Integration of some work done during VAC by lunar

 * RTLD_GLOBAL and frontend plugins

   Thanks to vorlon's help, lunar has been able to change the way frontend
   plugins could use frontend functions to something that really feels a lot
   more "natural" than using ackward dlsym() calls.  He is still waiting for
   Colin's feedback before merging the changes.

   There is still an issue with the library reduction stage of the build
   system, though:

 * library reduction issues

   While working on global symbols for frontend, he stumbled on an issue with
   the library reduction steps of the build system that his described in a
   mail sent to debian-boot [3].

   He worked around by hacking mklibs, but this is not a desirable change.
   The issue needs to be fixed in the build system before integrating the
   other changes.

 * tetris

   The Tetris will be included as a separate package (like it is currently
   done in the proposed patch) for beta1.  Lunar will try to integrate in a
   better manner (Tab?) in the following months.

[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2007/08/msg00557.html

Current status of the switch to console-setup

console-setup is technically ready to be included.  But bubulle noticed that
the debconf questions about model/layout/variant were not i18n'ed at all.
This is a blocker for D-I.

Solutions have been proposed [4] but we still miss someone to do the job...

On the same topic, Lunar stated that integrating Ubuntu's keyboard recognition
plugin would be great and that we can also imagine cool plugins for the
graphical installer where the actual layout is shown on screen.

[4] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2007/08/msg00504.html

relatime as default?

Frans Pop suggested that we integrate make relatime the default option for
newly created partitions, see #436785.

Lunar stated that as far as he has read in the LKML threads, it seems that
kernel upstream will probably add an option making relatime the default for all
filesystems, so he suggested that we wait for that to happen.

No other comments have been made.

Bug Squashing Party?

Lunar is organising a bug squashing party in Dijon during the last week-end of
september (29th-30th).  If there is any interest, he stated that he would
happily spend the week-end fixing d-i bugs, coordinating on IRC with other
member of the team.

win32-loader integration

win32-loader is now in the main section of sid.  Robert Millan has then
proposed a patch that will ship win32-loader on Debian installation CDs.
This will help our user to install Debian without having to mess with their
BIOS settings.

The team has decided to integrate the patch.  We also talked about adding
an "autorun.inf" which could start win32-loader automatically when a Debian CD
would be CD inserted on a Windows box.

As it seems a bit dangerous to make it too easy to start the installation
process, the team decided to wait for the ability of win32-loader to display
the documentation before adding an automatic launch.

Next meeting

The attendees agreed to have the next meeting on Wednesday September 26th 2007.

Postponed to the next meeting

 * Status of lowmem and recent cdebconf improvements
 * make d-i support nfsroot systems
 * need an option of memtest86+ on the install CD

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