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Re: Porting D-I to the Hurd

(CCing you in case you're not on the list.)

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> It's a good start step to get debootstrap to work. Next step is to get
> the whole d-i to build and boot ;-).

A good first step to that might be to get the debian-installer build
process for the hurd to the point that it can generate a d-i tree on
disk, which could then be chrooted (or hurd equiv) into, and the
installer started.

The installer won't run to completion inside a chroot, but you can get
the basics going that way before worrying about exactly how to boot it
on the hurd.

With some porting, you could probably get a chrooted d-i to the point of
netcfg being able to configure the network on the hurd, at which point
it would probably be able to download and install hurd udebs.

After that, you just have to figure out how to boot d-i from
install media for the hurd, make the partitioner work, and then write
bootloader installer code to get grub to boot the installed hurd system...

see shy jo

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