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Bug#439410: please add a dm-multipath-modules udeb

Guido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org> writes:

> Hi Otavio,
>> Hello Guido,
>> Are you planning to work at partman-md support for it or partman-multipath?
> I think a separate partman-multipath makes more sense (note that this
> isn't the (deprecated) md-multipath but the device mapper's multipath
> target). partman-multipath will have to run the multipath binary to
> discover and group the available paths. The user may then select the
> WWIDs of the devices he wants to partition and should be able to set a
> user friendly name (which will be stored in multipath.conf). After
> partitioning we'd have to run kpartx to create the necessary device
> mappings for the partitions. Are there any must reads besides the other
> partman-* modules in order to get started quickly?

I think that if you read partman-* you can get the picture and see how
you can make it to work. But I won't commit it until we have it done.

After we have it more or less usable we can start to integrate it on
d-i but let's not push things on modules until it has been done.

Feel free to contact me if there's something that I can help with ;-)

> I've attached a patch for kernel-wedge. Next step will be to file bug
> reports for the linux-kernel-di-*-2.6 packages so the file gets used in
> their modules/ and package-lists?

Not needed for now since I do prefer to wait until we have something
more usable to push it in.

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