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Re: wish: code cleanup to change NETBOOT_PATH (d-i modifications)

Václav Ovsík wrote:
> My modifications are attached. I simply add variable NETBOOT_DI_DIR with
> the string `debian-installer'. Only things needed to build modified
> installer is to change value to e.g. `debian-installer-my'. This
> installer can be arranged to tftp directory besides `debian-installer'
> and other staff...

Applied, thank you.

> Other problem is with pxelinux itself. I'm using menu.c32 (pxelinux
> module) to use a submenus and in this menu mode are screens f1,f2... not
> displayed. Hmm, maybe this is for differend thread. I will post this as
> a separate message.

See svn://@svn.debian.org/d-i/people/joeyh/vesamenu
for a version of d-i that uses menu.c32, and works around this help
display issue by adding a menu item for help, that exits menu.c32 and
goes back to the syslinux help screens. You could use this same technique:

label help
	menu label d-i
	config debian-installer/i386/syslinux.cfg

see shy jo

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