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Re: VMWare Workstation licences available for D-I development/testing

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> Hi all,
> As you may or may not know, VMWare has kindly donated some licences for 
> VMWare Workstation to the D-I team, to be used for development and 
> testing of the installer.
> We currently need an upgrade of these licences from version 5 to version 
> 6, mainly because version 5 does not work anymore with current kernels.
> At the moment not all licences we have are actually being used, so the 
> question now is whether we should reduce the number of licences we 
> request or if any D-I team members who currently don't have one would be 
> interested in using VMWare.
> Please only reply if you are serious about using VMWare for D-I 
> development and testing over the next year or so.

I am still using VmWare from time to time for D-I related work. This
varies upon time and increases when releases are close, for the
l10n-related testing.

Some of these tests can be done with QEmu, but VmWare makes it easier
to do snapshots and such things which are kinda practical for demo
purposes or to interrupt a test to resume it later.

Up to now I was using a license I get for my paid work, but as this
license is no longer needed for me, I will not have it upgraded.

So, I am interested in getting one D-I related license.

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