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Re: Fake RAID (dmraid) support - review of templates

> Is "Fake (ata) RAID" a good description, or should we use something else. 
> On Google, "fake raid" gets 14,400 hits and fakeraid even more (40,500), 
> so it's a fairly widely accepted term. (Intel seems to call it "Serial 
> ATA RAID" and "Matrix storage".)
> Alternatives could be:
> - Fake (ATA) RAID
> - Fake RAID (or maybe fakeraid, FakeRaid, FakeRAID)
> - Serial ATA RAID
> - Fake (SATA) RAID

I'd vote to avoid "fake RAID" on a simple assumption: when you first
talked about this, I personnally wondered what the hell you were
talking about and how RAID can be "fake". Either this is RAID and it
should not be called "fake", or it is not and it shouldn't be called

There are probably very good technical rationales for putting both
these words together, but I think this is not really adapted
for low-end users such as myself.

I think that "Serial ATA RAID" is the one that gets my vote unless
someone comes with a very good rationale for using such jargon.

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