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Re: Memory savings

Colin Watson wrote:
> Somebody (architecture maintainers?) should update lowmem for all of
> this.

For i386 it seems that lowmem level 1 can be dropped from 72 to 48 mb.
The max memory usage point is just before anna loads templates, when it
gets down to ~5 mb free. This jumps to ~15 mb free after the templates
are loaded and trimmed, and even partman doesn't drop it much below 10
mb free. Running in 48 mb without any lowmem -- wow!

Lowem level 2 needs to stay above 32 mb. Not sure exactly where the
cutoff is. Once lowmem mode is activated, the gain from your
improvements is less, since lowmem mode already trims templates.

I have high hopes for the nslu2, maybe it will be able to work w/o lowmem
level 2 now. Haven't been able to check yet.

Also, can someone explain why lowmem uses the same numbers for i386 and
amd64? I'd expect amd64 to use roughly 2x the memory.

see shy jo

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