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Bug#364526: debian-installer: Please implement a password-checking module

Quoting Masami Ichikawa (masami256@gmail.com):
> Hello.
> I wrote a password checking feature implement by shell script in function.sh.
> I attached a patch which name is passwd_check.patch.

Thanks a lot for this contribution which may help starting some work
about this feature.

Some ppl may find the checks slightly incomplete, but that doesn't
prevent anyone to improve them.

Please let me comment about the wording of the propsoed templates:

> I'm not sure that people wants to use it.
> so, I set a debconf priority low.

That's a tricky case ; Most of the time, the people who might need
such feature....are those who will run D-I at default priority.

I'd vote for the password strength check to be asked at low priority
so that "experts" can decide to skip it....BUT the default answer to
be "True".

> +Template: passwd/chkpasswd
> +Type: boolean
> +Default: false
> +_Description: : Check a password?
> + Safety password will make secure system.
> +

Template: passwd/chkpasswd
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Reject weak passwords ?
 Please choose whether you want the entered passwords strength to be
 checked and passwords found as 'weak' to be rejected.

Template: user-setup/chkpasswd-bad
Type: error
_Description: Weak password
 The strength of the password you have chosen is low.
 Weak passwords can compromize the system's security, so please
 choose another password.

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