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Re: complex partitioning preseeding

On Fri, June 8, 2007 02:54, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> The things which I still need help on are:
>    - when installing things with anna-install in the script it says
>    "queueing for later"; but when I run anna-install from a shell it
>    installs right away. Should I depend on everything which could
>    possibly be needed (will this affect how it appears in the menu); or
>    should I install the udebs as I need them, so that you don't
>    download/install udebs you don't need?

I'd say install udebs on-demand. This is similar to what partman-crypto
does  and I wouldn't be surprised if more packages did it in the future
since it can help cut down on the amount of memory that is required.

David Härdeman

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