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Bug#427500: s390 Etch Install Problems level 2 guest LAN Error

Package: installation-reports
Version: Etch
When doing a network install of Etch under VM using
guest LANs for connectivity, the installation appears
to work fine untill re-boot. When the system re-boots
you get the error that level 2 networking is not
supported on VM Guest LAN. You get this message even
though you specify no level 2 networking during the
The problem is caused by the installer inserting a
line for level 2 networking in the startup file. I
found the following solution mentioned on the debian
system administration web site:

There is a bug in the layer2 config stuff I think. The
way I fixed it on an actual mainframe (not
hercules...so maybe its not the same issue.), was to
simply remove the line containing layer2 from
Once this was removed, I didn't get the corresponding
error you see at boot time and the network started
without issue. Until I made this change, I couldn't
see the hsi0 device through an ifconfig -a either. The
network also worked perfectly during the install, but
failed on the subseqent boot. I believe there may be a
place to set this in a config file rather than delete
the line that sets it in setup script, but its
location eludes me at this time. I hope this helps
someone else! I'll try to submit a bug report when I
get the time.

Editing the file mentioned and removing the level 2
line fixed the problem for me.

Rod Clayton
Amateur Radio Call KA3BHY
Columbia, MD 21045

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