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Bug#426943: *_crypt naming causes df to line-wrap

On Fri, June 1, 2007 00:25, martin f krafft wrote:
> The naming of crypto devices as hda1_crypt causes df to use two
> lines for each filesystem. Please consider using just cr_hda1
> instead.

I'm not sure what the point is...is it merely cosmetic? Because if it is,
cr_X is not that nice either. Also, the default crypto install uses LVM
which greatly increases the risk of other lines with line wraps anyway.
Finally, if we add persistent device names along the line of
/dev/disk/by-something/* that will also increase the risk.

So unless someone explains to me in which way I've misunderstood this, I'm
inclined to close the bug report.

David Härdeman

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