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RE: Installation from harddisk and network

Hi Frans,

Frans Pop <mailto:elendil@planet.nl> wrote on Thursday, May 31, 2007 5:33

> The only guided partitioning method you can use, is the "use
> available free space" one, which means that you will first have to
> free 
> up space by
> deleting or resizing partitions.

I understand. I've put the image data on the /boot partition of the
currently installed linux. 

I think it's possible to keep this old /boot partition and just re-format
the rest of the hard-disk. Just trying it (ok, now it takes some time to
encrypt ~470GB ...) :D

> There is no real solution to this dilemma, other than booting the
> installer off some other medium.

Yeah. May this should be mentioned in the manual, too?

- soenke

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