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	Hi, I'm trying to roll out an Etch/amd64 preseed setup. Much nicer
than Sid, thanks for all the work.

	The problem I'm running into is on hosts running 3ware cards. I'd
like to script RAID creation based on host class. The trouble is my scripts
need to run after the scsi modules get loaded, but before disk-detect
runs. I asked about this on #debian-boot and fjp suggested writing my own
disk-detect.postinst from early_script, but udebs seem to happily
overwrite existing files. I'd like to avoid building a custom initrd if
possible, so it looks like my next attempt will be a local copy of the
hw-detect udeb, with a silly-high rev to avoid being clobbered by future
Etch updates... is there a saner way to go about doing this?

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