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Bug#424640: net-retriever: Should always use udebs from release corresponding to build

Frans Pop wrote:
> I was thinking of consistency with /cdrom/.disk which has files with a 
> similar function.
> I have no objection against putting the files in /etc though. I suggest 
> creating a dir /etc/installer/ if we want to do that.

I don't see the need for a subdir myself, the /etc is small and already
contains d-i configuration items such as /etc/preseed_aliases.

> Do we really want to keep the hardcoded value in mirrors.h? If it's no 
> longer used, we are sure to forget to update it at some point. IMO 
> failing with an error in the syslog would be better in the long run.

It's still used, it falls back to the suites in the list if the
preferred one is somehow not present.

see shy jo

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