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Re: Test results of partman with libparted1.8

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> I have compiled partman-base and partconf against libparted1.8 from 
> experimental to see if I could reproduce the issues Otavio has been 
> seeing.
> Initially it appeared that partman worked well in vmware (i386), until I 
> tried setting up a system using LVM. After setting up LVM, the main 
> partman screen failed to show the LVM volumes.
> I have traced this to parted_devices, which only lists the vmware SCSI 
> disk(s) but fails to list the LVM volumes, even though 'dmsetup info' 
> does show them and the syslog also indicates that they were created 
> correctly.
> parted_devices uses ped_device_probe_all() to list available devices.

I've pushed a new parted source at http://people.debian.org/~otavio/
and would be nice to give a try on this one since it's much newer then
current experimental version and this also spot the problem of d-i

I think this one doesn't has the LVM problem you saw.

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