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Bug#425829: partman-auto: Broken usage of dmsetup

On Thursday 24 May 2007 13:03, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'm not sure if a dependency on dmsetup should be added to partman-auto
> or that the script should check if it is available or not. After all,
> dmsetup is not strictly required for partman-auto itself, but only for
> lvm and crypto setups.

Note that currently both partman-base and partman-lvm already use dmsetup, 
but in both cases only conditionally (effectively only in case 
partman-crypto is loaded as that _does_ depend on dmsetup).

Maybe it would be logical to make partman-lvm depend on dmsetup-udeb, but 
that would still mean that when it is used in auto-shared.sh, the script 
should check if it is available.

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