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Bug#425397: Bug #425397

Looking over this bug, it's starting to look like some kind of a race
somehow only trggered by the one set of processors. The fact that
multiple apt runs are hanging suggests that it is not caused by one
single broken package.

The only debugging step I can think of from here is install strace
(anna-install strace-udeb) and strace one of the hanging
dpkg-preconfigure processes. Simply attaching strace to it after it's
hung may not be enough; you might need to modify

- in-target sh -c "$config tasksel --new-install --debconf-apt-progress='--from 5 --to $tasksel_end --logstderr'" || ret=$?
+ strace -o /tmp/strace.log -ff in-target sh -c "$config tasksel --new-install --debconf-apt-progress='--from 5 --to $tasksel_end --logstderr'" || ret=$?

see shy jo

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