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Re: testing 20070705 "Lenny" on ia64 (rx3600)

On Thursday 17 May 2007 22:36, Grant Grundler wrote:
> Not useable because network drivers are completely missing from the
> initrd. Drop into a shell and look at
> /lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/net/. It's not there.

On a netinst CD image network drivers are never included in the initrd. 
Instead they are loaded during the "Load additional installer components" 
phase. Did you check before or after that phase?

If after that phase they are still missing, please send us the files
/var/lib/dpkg/status and /var/log/syslog (gzipped!).

> But I'm hopeful the testing release could sort out one nit
> with the etch installer. HP IA64 setup CD suggests two
> EFI partitions be created: One for boot and the other
> "hidden" partition for System diags. The "guided" (IIRC)
> partition completely ignores the existing partitions and
> only creates a "boot" partition - ie overwritting the diags.
> If disk is already partitioned, I'd prefer the "automatic" partitioning
> code ask if it should repartition (clobber existing) or exit guided
> mode and force user to manually select the remaining partitions.

This would be completely contradictory to how guided partitioning works 
and therefore almost impossible to implement. The basic operation of 
guided partitioning is to delete anything that is on the disk by creating 
a new partition table.
What you want is basically the same as a dual boot setup: preserve part of 
the existing disk contents (by deleting/reusing/resizing some existing 
What you should do is:
- select manual partitioning
- delete all partitions except for the diagnostics partition
- select the Guided partitioning option in the main partman menu
- select the option to use available free space

I guess that in theory it is possible to create a partman-auto component 
that would offer that option, but it would have to be developed by 
someone in the IA64 community as I doubt others will care enough to spend 
time on it.

Feel free to file a wishlist bug report against partman-auto but, as I 
said, don't expect the option to magically appear.


P.S. We prefer it if you file an installation report [1] instead of 
sending a mail to the list.

[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch05s03.html#submit-bug

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