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testing 20070705 "Lenny" on ia64 (rx3600)


I tried "debian-testing-ia64-netinst.iso" last week:
2df367739e7ee1e8a01ecc357b78aee9  debian-testing-ia64-netinst.iso

IIRC, it's from 20070507.

Not useable because network drivers are completely missing from the initrd.
Drop into a shell and look at /lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/net/.
It's not there.

It should be there because "zcat /proc/config.gz | fgrep E1000"
shows E1000 is compiled in as a module.

I was able to install with Debian 4.0 r0 "etch".

But I'm hopeful the testing release could sort out one nit
with the etch installer. HP IA64 setup CD suggests two
EFI partitions be created: One for boot and the other
"hidden" partition for System diags. The "guided" (IIRC)
partition completely ignores the existing partitions and
only creates a "boot" partition - ie overwritting the diags.
If disk is already partitioned, I'd prefer the "automatic" partitioning
code ask if it should repartition (clobber existing) or exit guided
mode and force user to manually select the remaining partitions.

thanks and hth,

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