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Bug#421364: AW: Bug#421364: installation-reports - s390

On Monday 14 May 2007 19:57, Softlab wrote:
> I reproduced the error. The mirror I used is ftp.de.debian.org.
> Please find attached the hercules config deb4.txt,
> the Hercules Logfile.053.txt,
> the hardware-summary.txt,
> the partman.txt and the syslog.txt.

Thank you for the additional info. I'm afraid that I still cannot 
reproduce it (I used the same mirror) and have no clue what may be going 

There is one strange thing in your log. You seem to be going back to the 
menu during country selection (used to determine the time zone) and start 
the full locale selection item. Please don't do that. Let's see if you 
can reproduce it with a "straight" installation.

Next idea to get a handle on this.
- Start an installation.
- When you switch to installation over SSH, start _two_ ssh sessions.
  In 1, run the installer menu; in the other, start a rescue shell.
- Proceed to installing the base system.
- As soon as, during base installation,  you see "Extracting libc6...",
  in the progress bar switch to the shell session.
- Edit the libc6 postinst script using
     nano /target/var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postinst
  and add a new line 'set -x' below the third line; save and exit.

Note: you'll have to be fairly quick with this as the installation 
continues and you have to be ready before the script is executed. There 
should be enough time though. If you're not familiar with nano, try it 
out on some other file earlier in the installation.

The debugging output should appear in the syslog, so please send that 
again (gzipped!).


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