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Re: Bug#422370: should switch to grub2 when using GPT

Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> writes:

>> I have recently wanted a simple utility that would return the partition 
>> type of a certain partition, and now it seems we want a simple utility 
>> that returns the type of partition table used.
>> I guess someone will have to write those. using libparted for that is OK, 
>> but installing parted just to get a disk label is not.
> "grub-probe -t partmap" does exactly that, with 104 KiB (-O2) and no other
> dependencies.  Do you want an udeb that includes grub-probe?

I'll check how much space it has if striped and -Os...

> Alternatively, could partman write partition table information to debconf so
> that grub-installer can grab it?

I think so.

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