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Bug#422370: should switch to grub2 when using GPT

tags 422370 - patch

On Wednesday 09 May 2007 22:02, Robert Millan wrote:
> Here it is.  I tested it with grub-installer from trunk, but only in
> combination with an etch installer because of current
> mklibs/gcc/binutils breakage.

Sorry, but depending on parted-udeb for this is IMO not acceptable.

Note that on x86 we already have fdisk installed, but parsing the output 
of that is IMO equally unacceptable.

I have recently wanted a simple utility that would return the partition 
type of a certain partition, and now it seems we want a simple utility 
that returns the type of partition table used.
I guess someone will have to write those. using libparted for that is OK, 
but installing parted just to get a disk label is not.


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