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Re: partition utiltiy

Op 09-05-2007 om 21:48 schreef Debian Wiki:
> Dear Wiki user,
> You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Debian Wiki" for change notification.
> The following page has been changed by FransPop:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/LennyGoals
> The comment on the change is:
> Keep the page readable and this utility does not really qualify as a "goal"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    * Try to get some issues in libparted fixed: [http://bugs.debian.org/406680 #406680], [http://bugs.debian.org/328629 #328629], [http://bugs.debian.org/377263 #377263]
>    * Implement "resize partition and install to free space" in guided partitioning (cjwatson: Ubuntu has patches for this, though they have a bit of undesirable hardcoding of the expected space needed and don't have ideal recipe handling)
>    * Make partman-md behave more like other partman packages: allow devices to be deallocated and do not wipe/recreate config files at each restart, fixes [http://bugs.debian.org/393728 #393728] and friends [DavidHärdeman]
> -  * {{{> Here it is.  I tested it with grub-installer from trunk, but only in
> - > combination with an etch installer because of current
> - > mklibs/gcc/binutils breakage.
> - 
> - Sorry, but depending on parted-udeb for this is IMO not acceptable.
> - 
> - Note that on x86 we already have fdisk installed, but parsing the output
> - of that is IMO equally unacceptable.
> - 
> - I have recently wanted a simple utility that would return the partition
> - type of a certain partition, and now it seems we want a simple utility
> - that returns the type of partition table used.
> - I guess someone will have to write those. using libparted for that is OK,
> - but installing parted just to get a disk label is not.
> - }}} [http://bugs.debian.org/422370 #422370]
>    * partman-crypto: improve entropy handling, add support for keys-on-removable-devices, allow devices to be deallocated [DavidHärdeman]
>    * partman-crypto: Allow a user to re-use an existing encrypted filesystem without data loss (ex: /home, /srv, etc) [BenjaminSeidenberg]
>    * Only offer LVM and maybe RAID if sufficient free memory is available, as with crypto. [DavidHärdeman]

Where to park the request for the partition utility?

Geert Stappers

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