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Reducing the mountain of old installation reports

Hi all,

As we currently have about 1750 installation reports open and the chance 
that we will ever look at them again is extremely small, I'd like to 
start closing old installation reports.

I intend to use the concept text at the bottom of this mail for reports 
filed before March 2006 (Etch beta 2 where we dropped base-config was 
released on 15 March 2005). Comments on the proposed text welcome.

I plan to run this somewhere in the background and close 20 reports per 
day. Hopefully this will make it manageable to deal with any replies.

As I use the d-boot list address as sender of the closing mails (which is 
very unusual), people wanting to avoid the "done" mails that will flood 
the list should be able to filter them on something like:
     'To:' contains "Debian Installer Team"
     'Subject:' contains "marked as done"


From: Debian Installer team <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
Subject: Bug#111111: <bug title>
To: 111111-done@bugs.debian.org
Cc: 111111-submitter@bugs.debian.org
Reply-to: 111111@bugs.debian.org

In <month> <year> you submitted an installation report.

Now that Debian has released Etch, we have decided to close some old 
reports. The main reason is that there have been many changes in the 
Debian Installer since your report was filed and it is quite likely that 
any issues you reported have been solved in the mean time.
Especially issues related to hardware support are likely to be solved.

If you never received a reply to your report, please accept our apologies.
We do read almost all reports and they help us very much to identify
structural issues and areas where the installer can be improved, but
unfortunately we lack the manpower in our team to reply to all reports and
to help with all installation problems on an individual basis.

You can view the report you submitted at:

You are of course welcome to try the Etch installer [1] and file a new 
installation report. If you are confident that something in your report 
is still valid, feel free to reply to this mail and we will try to take a 

        The Debian Installer team

[1] http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/debian-installer

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