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Bug#422075: installation-report: multi-arch chose i386 instead of amd64

Luca Capello wrote:
> the installation on a custom desktop machine was successfull, except
> an error in booting the multi-arch CD.
> The error at the initial boot is because the multi-arch booted on i386
> instead of amd64.  This resulted in a overall i386 installation (in
> expert mode), but with an amd64 linux image.

It sounds like you chose to type "expert" to boot the installer in
expert mode for i386. However, to boot the installer in expert mode for
amd64, you have to type "expert-amd64". Processor autodetection between
i386 and amd64 is only supported by the multi-arch CD if you simply press
Enter to boot. Once you start entering boot parameters, you bypass that
autodetection. This is explained in the syslinux help screens.

see shy jo

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