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Xen kernel in the installer

Hello all,
The setup I have at the moment:
CentOS server running xen (paravirtulized only)
I had to get a debian slice up on it. I can't use dbootstrap as it's not avalible on CentOS.

I downloded the Debian CD, xen AMD 64 kernel deb and modules for it.

I set up a slice with a CDROM drive pointing to the install CD. Booted the xen kernel with an initrd (modified) taken from the install CD with the xen AMD 64 modules on it. This kick started the install process. The installer installed the AMD 64 regular kernel I then had to chroot into the new install and apt-get the xen kernel and modify grub.... this install process is a bit ugly. Would it be possible to include the xen kernel in the install CD so it will install the right kernel from the start? This will make Debian slices much easier to install with no modifications after install ie. much cleaner.


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