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Re: Problems to install Debian on Sparcstation5 (debug)

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On Friday 04 May 2007 11:16, you wrote:
> > > When I use  boot.img for Etch the "base system"
> > > installation fail because of dependencies problems
> > > (apt, apt-utils, aptitude, taskel, taskel-data,
> > > debian-archive-keyring ).
> >
> > Please provide the syslog (gzipped!) for the
> > installation for these
> > issues.

I see only one error in this log:
May  4 09:31:41 debootstrap: Setting up wget (1.10.2-2) ...
May  4 09:31:51 debootstrap: gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--crc 
May  4 09:31:51 debootstrap: gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--length 
May  4 09:31:52 debootstrap: install-info(/usr/share/info/wget.info): 
May  4 09:31:53 debootstrap: dpkg: error processing wget (--configure):
May  4 09:31:53 debootstrap:  subprocess post-installation script returned 
error exit status 

I do not see any dependency problems.

It looks like the package that was retrieved is corrupt in some way. I 
very much doubt that the package on the Debian mirror is corrupt, 
although you could try installing using a different mirror.

I think you are installing from the network on a system with fairly little 
memory. IMO the most likely causes for the problems are:
- the installer is running out of memory during installation which results 
in these errors
- your system has a hardware problem (memory?) that results in these 
somewhat random errors
- the packages somehow get corrupted during download, possibly because of 
a bug in the network driver


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