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Bug#422323: Bad results from PCMCIA Orinoco card on ThinkPad T23

on your great instalation review,

java 5 is available in etch ... sun-java5-bin in non-free. if you want
to use java 6, i recommend you to use backports.org's sources and add
them to sources.list.

Sáb, 2007-05-05 às 01:29 -0400, Jonathan Yavner escreveu:
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20070407
> When installing Etch via NETINST disk on a ThinkPad T23, I have tried 
> two approaches:
>   * Use built-in e100 Ethernet (eth0)
>   * Use orinoco wireless on a PCMCIA card (eth1)
> If the Orinoco card is present during NETINST, I get a choice of eth0 or 
> eth1.  I can choose eth1 and do the install wirelessly, but then the 
> target system fails to handle the card.  Unfortunately I had to erase 
> the error messages, but the complaint was that 00000000 was received 
> from the card when a nonzero value was expected.  I will be installing 
> on another T23 in a few days and could retrieve the error message then.
> If I leave the card out of the PCMCIA slot and install using eth0, I can 
> then insert the card on the installed system and that then works also.  
> It is only if the card is used for installation that it then can't be 
> used on the target system.
> Additional notes:
>     http://home.comcast.net/~jyavner/T23

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