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Bug#422323: Bad results from PCMCIA Orinoco card on ThinkPad T23

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20070407

When installing Etch via NETINST disk on a ThinkPad T23, I have tried 
two approaches:
  * Use built-in e100 Ethernet (eth0)
  * Use orinoco wireless on a PCMCIA card (eth1)

If the Orinoco card is present during NETINST, I get a choice of eth0 or 
eth1.  I can choose eth1 and do the install wirelessly, but then the 
target system fails to handle the card.  Unfortunately I had to erase 
the error messages, but the complaint was that 00000000 was received 
from the card when a nonzero value was expected.  I will be installing 
on another T23 in a few days and could retrieve the error message then.

If I leave the card out of the PCMCIA slot and install using eth0, I can 
then insert the card on the installed system and that then works also.  
It is only if the card is used for installation that it then can't be 
used on the target system.

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