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Re: preseed questions

Op 04-05-2007 om 11:00 schreef Fredy Jair Pulido López:
> Hello
> I am madeing a installer but i want to avoid some questionsnot, i read the
> preseed example and documentation but not get a solution for:
> *** Configure package manager question:
> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
>  Configure the package manager
> A network mirror can be used to suplement the software that is included
> on the CDROM. Thos also make newer versions of software aviable.
> If you are instaling from a netinst CD and you not chose use a mirror, you
> will end up with only very minimal base system.
> Use a network mirror?
> <Go Back>
> <yes> <no>
> _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
> in my preseed:
> d-i mirror/protocol string http
> d-i mirror/country string enter information manually
> d-i mirror/http/hostname string http.us.debian.org
> d-i mirror/http/directory string /debian
> d-i mirror/http/proxy string
> d-i mirror/suite string etch
> d-i mirror/udeb/suite string etch
> also with questions for some packages (samba, java, ...), for exaple i copy
> from the example:
> xserver-xorg xserver-xorg/config/monitor/mode-list\
> 	 select 1024x768 @ 60 Hz
> but d-i question my aobut resolution
> where can i explore the questions and aswers for the installer and packages
> for customized my preseed?

I don't understand that question.
The original poster, OP, allready found the installation manual
and most likely http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/example-preseed.txt

Neither it is not clear to me if the OP is able to preseed other
questions then those mention above.

The thing where I can help, might this proposal of adding a space.
I mean changing

  xserver-xorg xserver-xorg/config/monitor/mode-list\
  	 select 1024x768 @ 60 Hz
  xserver-xorg xserver-xorg/config/monitor/mode-list \
  	 select 1024x768 @ 60 Hz

Geert Stappers
Assuming the OP is subscribed to the mailinglist ( obviously :-)

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