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Re: Debian 4.0 and VMWare Workstation 6: Installer hang

On Thursday 03 May 2007 17:10, Andreas Jähnigen wrote:
> Does someone has a clue?
> VMWare just responded Debian Linux is an unsupported os, so it´s not
> their task to get this running. Running unsupported linux distros is
> not a "must", from their point of view, but only a "nice to have",
> especially with a release candidate version of VMWare.

I can imagine that formal reaction, but OTOH this seems like a general 
kernel incompatibility which they should care about.
You can be fairly sure that it is _not_ something Debian specific that is 
causing the problem.

You could try a daily built D-I image, which uses kernel 2.6.20. But note 
that there are a lot of changes in unstable which may result in issues 
with daily builds.

I expect that the issue will automatically sort itself out with time.


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