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Bug#421323: Where to assign bugs for incorrect GNOME menu entries ?

Le mardi 01 mai 2007 à 14:34 -0400, Joey Hess a écrit :
> Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > You don't have to modify menu entries; gksu can be made to behave like
> > gksudo by setting the /apps/gksu/sudo-modo GConf key.
> We're also supposed to be able to do it by updating the
> libgksu-gconf-defaults alternative to point to
> /usr/share/libgksu/debian/gconf-defaults.libgksu-sudo
> Apparently this isn't working. Someone will need to examine things to
> see if d-i is not setting the alternative correctly, or if it doesn't
> work; I don't know which it is.

I didn't know about this one; as it is done, it should work, but you
have to re-run update-gconf-defaults whenever touching the alternative,
if it is installed.

The problem I can see with the alternative is that you have to set it in
d-i before libgksu is installed, which may cause the failure we're

> Using a gconf key was discussed in the original design discussion, and
> rejected since it means putting a non-dpkg managed file in /usr.
> See http://bugs.debian.org/382670

You can still put a dpkg-managed symlink to a file in /etc.

We can also consider modifying update-gconf-defaults to also read a
directory in /etc, but I don't like it because there would be two ways
to set gconf defaults for the administrator.

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