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Re: extra network selector

Op 29-04-2007 om 16:23 schreef Eddy Petri??or:
> Geert Stappers wrote:
> >>> My advice to make that switch (and switch back) more easy,
> >>> is to implement a "bootloaderselector".
> > + 7200 bootloaderselector (all)
> > . 7500 [ installer of bootloader ]
> > | 7800 finish-install
> > 
> > 
> > So all installers at the same menu-item-number.
> Which would mean fun, fun, fun since grub2 menu item would be after grub item; this would mean that grub2 needs either:
>  - to be before grub2 in the order
>  - not to load grub at all by default (probably the best choice)
>  - force somehow, through a dependency the dependency on grub2, making grub2 the default choice
> I faced the same issue with ppp-udeb for which initially I set its
> menu-item-number to be 18 (they were up to 100 back then), but it was
> not chosen since it ordered after netcfg, so I had to set it to 17,
> so it has priority when is loaded.

Would it make sense to add after netcfg a menu item that may ask for
extra network configuration? I say "*may* ask", because debconf priority
does default surpressed it. The "extra network selector" will request
if PPPoE, ADSL at USB and such are needed.


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