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Re: Proposed release goal: Switch to GRUB2

stappers@stappers.nl (Geert Stappers) writes:

> Op 25-04-2007 om 10:18 schreef Otavio Salvador:
>> Sven Luther <luther@debian.org> writes:
>> > I wonder if we will also move from yaboot-installer to grub2-installer
>> > on powerpc, and if you have given any thought to that migration path ? 
>> Our main goal is to switch i386 and amd64 first.
> My advice to make that switch (and switch back) more easy,
> is to implement a "bootselector".
> Menu-item-number would the current "confirm install grub",
> which is a 'boolean'. "bootselector" is 'multi select'.

You mean for the both grub and grub2?

Well, we want to reduce the grub usage and then this shouldn't looks
to be the best way of doing it.

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