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Bug#421337: Carefull desktop installation.

Op 28-04-2007 om 16:57 schreef Robert:
> Sorry, the information on how to send a bug report is confusing.  This 
> is my first bug report.

Okay, with that information I understand better your situation.

>  My problem with the installation of etch (v. 4.0.0) is that it 
> automatically installs Gnome as the default desktop GUI. I have 
> installed etch twice, the second time, carefully noting choices. The 
> installer program/script NEVER asks the user which of the 4 popular 
> desktops (or GUI) is wanted; Gnome, KDE, Xfce or IceWM.

I agree with you there is a question missing. Others think different
about it and I agree with them to keep the number questions low.

Read futher for a workaround.

>  1) I HATE Gnome, KDE is ok; but I prefer Xfce.
>  2) I want an initial system with the smallest disk and memory footprint.
>  3)  I want to keep my existing partitions, if possible. Especially, 
> /home, /opt, /usr/local.
>  4) I do not want ANY multimedia applications. I am deaf, thus I have 
> no sound card, therefore I have no need to install sound related apps.
>  5) I want to pick and choose what packages to install.  Since I am 
> still a newbie with Debian Linux, it took me 3 days to remove all Gnome 
> packages, and I am still finding Gnome related libraries, & files, and 
> KDE multimedia files & apps. 
> I hope this is more clear.

Yes, it is the 
 "Take some time tell what this bugreport is about."
that I previous missed.

With some luck you learned in "the 3 removal days" the packaging system
in Debian. Even with more luck you found the command line tools for it.
If not, here is a crash course:  ( no need to type the text after # )

 # "open a terminal", to get you a command line prompt
 su -   # become root
 apt-get install subversion # install a package that I assume was not yet installed
 which subversion # to show that the executable is available
 apt-get remove subversion
 which subversion # it is gone
 aptitude install subversion # the same excersize with 
 aptitude remove subversion # tool that is preferred since Sarge

Play with it to get comfortable with it.

My advice is to do a third install with Etch,
this uncheck the desktop task in the "Tasksel Menu".

It will give you a server like install: No audio applications,
no graphic library stuff. ( surely no Gnome ;-)

Now you can build the Desktop you want. Perhaps does a

  aptitude install xfce4

all what you need/want.

> Thanks,
> Rob

Geert Stappers
a Gnome person

Please keep ${reportnumber}@bugs.debian.org in the loop
( a "reply to all" does that )

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