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Did not manage to resize an HFS+ partition on a powermac G5.

Dear lists,

I am trying to install Debian on a powermac7,3 at work, but I did not
manage to resize the main HFS+ partition. Although I have a backup, I
would like to avoid reinstalling MacOS X. I saw on the web reports from
2005 in which an HFS+ partition was sucessfully resized with the
debian-installer, so I wonder what I did wrong.

I am using the netinst for Etch, in which parted is version 1.7.1. when
I try to resize with a command such as "resize 3 100GB 50GB", I got the
following error message:

Error: Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition.

Here is what I know from the disk

gslc12|charles|$ diskutil info /
   Device Node:        /dev/disk0s3
   Device Identifier:  disk0s3
   Mount Point:        /
   Volume Name:        Macintosh HD

   File System:        HFS+
   Owners:             Enabled
   Partition Type:     Apple_HFS
   Bootable:           Is bootable
   Media Type:         Generic
   Protocol:           ATA
   SMART Status:       Verified
   UUID:               E725DF25-8BE1-384B-A630-5BAAE5028069

   Total Size:         233.6 GB
   Free Space:         198.2 GB

   Read Only:          No
   Ejectable:          No
   Device Location:    "A (upper)"

I disabled journaling with  sudo diskutil disableJournal /

Any idea ? I am a bit frustrated of not being able to use the packages I made...

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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